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If you’re struggling to get accepted for a mortgage or loan, specialist lending options are available to either help you start, or get back on, the property ladder. This section of the mortgage market helps those who need additional support, whether it’s applying for a mortgage with bad credit, or building or purchasing a complicated property.

At JWD Mortgages our brokers will monitor, support and ensure that you get the best deal via our referral partners and lenders. We also collaborate with industry experts to ensures you achieve the best solution for your circumstances.

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Specialist Lending Explained

What is “specialist mortgage lending”?

Why use a specialist mortgage lender?

Can I get a mortgage with bad credit?

What is a specialist mortgage lender?

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Can I use a specialist lender for buy to let?

Use Specialist Lending For Your Mortgage

As a specialist mortgage broker JWD Mortgages have access to the whole UK lending market as well as a network of specialist financial lenders. Most mortgage applications are made to high street lenders such as banks and building societies, however these lenders will naturally prioritise the most straight forward mortgage applications. This is where smaller specialist lenders can be hugely beneficial. Specialist lenders offer more bespoke solutions to applicants who have either had a mortgage application rejected, or received a higher than expected interest rate from other the high street lenders. They are more likely to take the time to understand your individual case before determining your eligibility and a potential mortgage offer.

Our network of specialist lenders allows us to find unique mortgage solutions for our clients. Whether it’s purchasing an unconventional property, funding a self build or applying for a mortgage with various streams of income. To ensure your mortgage application runs as smoothly as possible, our mortgage brokers will support you from early application to completing on your property.

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