Remortgage to achieve the best rate possible!

So when it comes to remortgaging your property there are many variables to consider. We provide a step by step illustration on the costs of doing this process, and how to secure the best deal possible. By preparing for your mortgage change over 4-5 months prior to your rate changing, you can setup the new deal ready – and prepare the solicitor to take the money across for you to the new bank. Even where we are releasing funds from the current mortgage lenders, it takes time and keeping in close touch with you to ensure the best outcomes arrive.

The lowest rate is always the ideal scenario – but this isn’t always available for individual cases. It depends on many criteria and this includes income and any debts/credit score you have.



Open and transparent advice comparing rates and re-checking them before you complete if the rate was better before you swtich rate.


It is a mortgage application which is a way to switch your current mortgage product onto a new one, and can be applied for 5 months before the end of your current rate to achieve the paperwork ready to switch.


We have whole of market access to mortgage lenders, which opens up the options for your mortgage.

Let us help you with the very best remortgage advice for your property (or properties), the lowest rate possible is the goal so you pay less to the banks. Whether its residential or buy to let, with all type of mortgage advice you can find in the market we search high and low to secure the very best deal for your needs.

At JWD mortgages we charge no fee at all for this – for advice & support, mortgage application and then to achieve the mortgage offer. We also aim to keep in touch with you throughout and have family or group calls where needed. As a Whole of Market mortgage advice firm we thrive on opening up the very best options and really making sure that the mortgage is the right one for you.

Some of the features available;

  • Check and compare the best mortgage deals available
  • Quick process to product transfers – client site available
  • Give you options on offset mortgages or standard
  • If you need to raise extra money for home improvements or to pay off debts
  • If you are paying off help to buy equity loan
  • Solicitor panel available for remortgage legal works

Calculate the cost of the mortgage you need based on an interest rate that you can achieve. Not all lenders suit everybody so get professional mortgage advice and we charge nothing for it.

Having a discussion to work out the potential costs for your property goal – be it buying a new home for the first time, really is about chatting through the options. Be it maximum borrowing or the best rental yield for a range of investment properties – talk to us today.