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The types of property really matter when it comes to how mortgage lenders view their “risk” appetite when lending money secured on property. Indeed, a 20th floor flat with a leasehold is different to a terraced house for example – as one is leasehold typically and the other is freehold. Is the property near commercial premises i.e. above a restaurant or next door to a take-away food outlet? We take into consideration all these elements when researching the best lender and matching you with them – to ensure the purchase of the property is successful.

All mortgages are subject to valuers comments and ultimately whether the lender are comfortable or frankly have the appetite to lend. So for all the time it takes to run through the details in a case – we only need them for a very clear reason – to help you achieve your property goals!

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As someone looking to buy a property (or properties), in the UK – service and support are king. We ensure the lowest rates possible so you pay less to the banks, but each case is individual and needs careful placement. Whether it’s residential or buy to let, with all types of mortgage advice you can find in the market we search high and low to secure the very best deal for your needs.

At JWD mortgages we charge no fee at all for this – for advice & support, mortgage application and then to achieve the mortgage offer. We also aim to keep in touch with you throughout and have family or group calls where needed. As an independent mortgage advice firm we thrive on opening up the very best options and really making sure that the mortgage is the right one for you.

Some of the features available;

  • Check and compare the best mortgage deals available
  • Quick process to port over property – porting
  • Give you options on offset mortgages or standard mortgage accounts
  • If you need to raise extra money for home improvements or to pay off debts
  • If you are buying a new build property – we have years of experience
  • Solicitor panel available for purchase legal works