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Getting the house move sorted is a stressful process, but you should be supported with the most cost and time effective advice possible. Saving a little money without paying us any fees, this allows the main focus to land on setting the “best possible option” in motion for you and your family. Whilst discussing and working on them together is something we pride ourselves on, we can reach that successful mortgage application in a pragmatic fashion. As always buying a property is a life changing process and key factors still apply. Areas such as the type of property, location and who you are living with is a “next stage of your life” kind of feeling. We can help you moving on and shaping up with a straight forward and clear process – so come speak to us for the latest market advice.

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Current Mortgage Lending Trends – Can I get help to buy a home or buy with a relative? Sometimes yes, there are “Joint Borrowing Sole Proprietor” options available for example – which can support this for you. We have had a mum living in her unmortgaged property support her daughter mid 40’s, to secure a property and live in it. Mum doesn’t have to live in this new property as a result, if it fits overall affordability.  

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