First Time Buyers

At JWD Mortgages we’re passionate about helping first time buyers enter the property market with your best foot forward. Our team of dedicated mortgage brokers are here to support you through the application process and find you the best available mortgage rates available as a first time buyer.

Whether you’ve found a property or need to learn more about being a first time buyer, our local mortgage brokers are here to help. Our FAQ section is a great place to start, answering some of the most popular questions we’re asked by first time buyers. We have Mortgage Brokers in Bristol, Bath, Cornwall and London, so no matter where you are, we’re perfectly situated to help with your first time mortgage application.

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Frequently-asked questions from first time buyers

What is a first time buyer?

How much deposit does a first time buyer need?

Can you rent out on a first time buyer mortgage?

What are the types of mortgage for first time buyers?

What do I need to do as a first time buyer?

What is the best mortgage rate for first time buyers?

How can parents help first time buyers?

Does the government help first time home buyers?

Is ‘Help To Buy’ only for first time buyers?

Current mortgage lending trends

A range of first time buying solutions exist to ensure you get the very best option for your circumstances. In 2020, mortgage lenders reevaluated the support offered to buyers, introducing a host of changes which have been carried over into 2021. JWD Mortgages have whole market access to each UK lender, meaning we can compare and recommend the very best option for you.


First Time Buyer advice

Preparing for your first mortgage application can be overwhelming as a first time buyer, but understanding what the purchase process entails can help ease any worry. Our First Time Buyers Guide explains what you can expect when buying your first property in 10 simple to understand steps. 

Before applying for your first mortgage, it’s important to work out all the costs associated with buying and owning a property. From mortgage payments, to council tax, green bin collections and maintenance costs there are a lot of new outgoings to bear in mind. It doesn’t matter what age you are when applying for a first time buyer’s mortgage, choosing a property and the timing of your application, is unique to everyone.

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Want to prepare for the property market?

Then check out our free to download property and mortgage magazine. At JWD Mortgages we believe our role as your mortgage broker, isn’t just to get you results, but help you understand the property market for your future endeavours. With a reputation for great service and results, our team offer first time buyers’ mortgage advice in Cornwall, Bristol, Bath and London so get in touch to discuss your next property today!

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