First Time Buyers

At JWD Mortgages, we are passionate about supporting First Time Buyers of all ages with the best mortgage advice possible.

Buying your first property is as exciting as it is daunting, for many first time buyers. Every case is unique, so having an experienced team you can trust is a crucial part of your journey.

Begin your journey into the property market with the support of an award winning network. Our Mortgage Brokers support First Time Buyers in Bristol, Bath, Cornwall and London.

Why Choose JWD Mortgages

Supporting first time buyers in Bristol, Bath, Cornwall

Fully qualified experts dealing with unique cases daily

Transparent pricing with no hidden fees 

Award winning mortgage advice and support

Current Mortgage Lending Trends

A range of first time buying solutions exist to ensure you get the very best option for your circumstances. In 2020, mortgage lenders reevaluated the support offered to buyers, introducing a host of changes which have been carried over into 2021. JWD Mortgages have whole market access to each lender, so we can compare and recommend the very best option for you

First Time Buyer Advice

Understanding the purchase process is as important as having a clear cost structure in place. If you’re a first time buyer looking to understand the purchase process, our First Time Buyers Guide, explains what you can expect when buying your first property, in 10 simple steps. 

Accounting for all your costs, in addition to the property price, will give you peace of mind and add structure to your buying experience. By understanding the purchase process, you will be able to you track your finances and map out any additional costs and outgoings. It doesn’t matter what age you when applying for a first time buyers mortgage, choosing a property and the timing of your application, is unique to everyone.

JWD Mortgages are bespoke property specialists, offering first time buyers’ mortgage advice in Cornwall, Bristol and Bath.

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