What is this for?

Within this page you can create your very own case which fills out like your own fact-finding exercise and then sends it to the adviser. It gives you more control, and starts building a case which we can use to research for you and arrange a time to call you to “fill out any blanks”. You can then upload your personal details securely and also upload documents directly to us, whilst keeping a track on your case as it progresses through the workflow.


Why do mortgage lenders need us to review your documents?

We ask every client to produce their documents prior to running a decision in principle and then full mortgage application. This ensures we can check and balance the details, ensuring they will work for you in producing a mortgage offer.


Do I get full control of the case on here?

No you cannot fully control the case, as that is why James is here to help you progress applications and advise you the next best steps. Not everyone can achieve the exact dream mortgage – but we will make sure we try hard to ensure you get the very best options.

What does it look like inside?