Buy To Let Mortgage

A Buy to let mortgage is a mortgage given to property landlords, who are buying with the sole intention of letting out the property for additional income. The income generated from rental agreements becomes part of your annual income alongside any wages, or additional income you might have. 

You may decide to apply for a buy to let mortgage for just one or two personal properties – or you may decide to setup a LTD company to begin building a property portfolio. At JWD Mortgages, our mortgage brokers have extensive knowledge and access to the very best solutions, to help buy to let property owners perform at the very best rental yields possible.

We work closely with tax advisers and specialist lenders to provide you a whole suite of services – if we cannot offer the advice *we do not give tax advice – we will provide you someone who can.

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As someone looking to buy an investment property (or properties), in the UK – service and support are king. Our Mortgage brokers ensure our clients obtain the lowest buy to let mortgage rates possible, so you pay less to the banks, and maximise your yield. As a complicated or not complicated case, each buy to let application has its own individual factors to overcome and requires careful attention. We have great contacts with lenders, opening up access for all types of limited company, SPV companies or personal buy to let landlords.

At JWD we search high and low to secure the very best deal for remortgages, buy to let mortgages and more, that are available in the market. We aim to keep in touch with all our clients throughout their mortgage application, offering family or group calls where needed. As an independent mortgage broker and mortgage advice firm, we thrive on opening up the very best options for buy to let landlords. As with all our mortgage advice, we ensure that  every mortgage accepted, is the right one for our clients.

Buy To Let Mortgage - What are the differences?

There are three main differences when it comes to applying for a buy-to-let mortgage that all property owners must consider: 

The Rent Potential – The amount of rental income that the property will generate, is usually a deciding factor in each lender’s mortgage offer. The mortgage offer will consider the rental income you will earn in addition to any other income you may earn. This isn’t always the case however.

Increased Interest Rates – Buy-to-let mortgages usually have slightly higher interest rates, than standard mortgage applications or remortgages.

Larger Deposit Requirements– Unlike a standard purchase mortgage, buy to let mortgages typically require a minimum deposit of 20% or 25% of the property’s value. 

Buy to let mortgage advice in Cornwall, Bath & Bristol

If you’re looking for a buy to let mortgage in Cornwall, Bristol or Bath our mortgage brokers can help. 

Please get in contact to discuss the details of the property you are looking to invest in, and start your journey to finding a better buy to let mortgage rate.