Talking things through – what can you do now when searching for property finance? 20/04/2020

 Talking things through – what can you do now when searching for property finance? 20/04/2020

Today’s blog takes a look at what mortgage options exist for anyone seeking property finance in April 2020. I have created a 3 three step plan of action anyone should consider taking during COVID-19 and beyond, in order to better understand the realities that face us.

Firstly, please do get in touch with me. As a self-employed mortgage adviser I only started running my own business in the last 6 months after some 6 years in the industry as an employed role. I am available to talk too for professional mortgage advice, and look to understand and support your personal situation through to a successful solution. Once in touch we can then approach what is possible now and in the future.

Secondly, reality strikes but options are available. With so many key workers battling to help us all survive through COVD-19, we must maintain a perspective and be thankful for the life we have. We are the fortunate ones to be surviving this crisis, and having thoughts about property purchase or remortgaging a new dream or plan. If we can find a workable solution for you, we will ensure to be open and transparent about the choices you have – and what the timescales look like.

Thirdly, logistics – the lenders are not acting as they normally would do – but they are, on the most part, still open for certain types of lending. HSBC are for example open for applications as normal even 90% or 95% LTV cases BUT we must be cautious and aware of the reality in timescales on valuations and your personal income situation. Lender’s will be more critical and wanting to make sure the application will work for you longer-term.

We hope you are well and staying safe. Once this situation comes to a more settled place, whatever we discuss we can review together as the months progress.


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